Correct: a lady who is merely to be sexually entertained after lashings of beer

Correct: a lady who is merely to be sexually entertained after lashings of beer

Arsehole a€“ arsehole. Wrong: The correct spelling is arsehole also it constantly shall be. Barmy a€“ Stupid or insane. Partially correct: Someone who is actually barmy is a bit eccentric in the place of stupid or insane. The important distinction getting that to explain people as barmy would typically performed with affection. Chav a€“ Light Trash / Low-class. Right: just properly applied to whites. Tricky a€“ Shady character. Partly appropriate: A character is dodgy but thus can inanimate things. Diva€?! Git a€“ Moron, Idiot. Partly correct: More correct put on someone who requires pleasures from petty and callow conduct. Gormless a€“ Complete lack of common sense. Appropriate: a person who is actually, truth be told, some a div. Manky a€“ Disgusting. Correct. Minger a€“ most ugly girl.

Muppet a€“ Dimwit (maybe not the puppet selection). Right. Naff a€“ Tacky. Right. Nutter a€“ Someone’s who is clearly insane. Correct: a€?Stay far from your, he’s a total nuttera€?. As an alternative a€?To run quite nutty’, a€?the bloke’s a total nutbar/nutjob’ etc. Pikey a€“ White garbage a€“ in addition familiar with small Gypsies or Irish vacationers. Partially correct: merely truly correctly applied to gypsies. Rhymes with a€?Do whilst likey’. Gypsies can’t stand are called pikeys, to be truthful they do not including are name gypsies either but hey-ho. Pillock a€“ Idiot. Correct.

Uphill Gardener a€“ One other way of claiming homosexual

Plonker a€“ Idiot. Partly proper: This comes from individual of minimum insights, a PLONK which can be slang usually used on women cops. Prat a€“ Idiot, arse. Correct: Except you spelled arsehole completely wrong, again. Scrubber a€“ A nicer solution to state slag. Correct: however much nicer. Trollop a€“ a female of debateable morals. Correct. Correct: See in addition a€“ a€?Turd burglar’, a€?Marmite driller’ etc. Twit a€“ Idiot. Correct. Knob Mind a€“ Dickhead. Right. Piss Off a€“ Disappear. Right. Bell conclusion a€“ cock Head (bell end does mean manhood). Proper: most effectively a bell conclusion relates particularly with the glans regarding the penis: a€?You alright Jim, you are strolling somewhat funnya€?? We caught my bell end in my flies, appropriate from the fucking Japs attention.

The term could be shortened to a€?Minge’ that’s another keyword for a ladies rude components a€“ twat, fanny, lovebox etc

They stings like a bastarda€?. Lazy Sod a€“ Ineffective idiot. Right: Just About. Skiver a€“ Lazy sod. Correct: One can getting a skiver plus one may a€?skive off’ or more simply a€?skive’. Knob a€“ penis. Right. Wazzock a€“ some body so stupid they could best do hands-on labor (from Yorkshire): Correct: excluding how you’ve spelled a€?labour’. Ninny a€“ fantastic but inferior. Wrong: This is simply an abbreviation for a€?nincompoop’, which is an affectionate term for an individual that is maybe not the sharpest appliance inside box. Berk a€“ Idiot. Wrong: really an abbreviation for rhyming slang a€?Berkeley quest a€“ vagina’ although curiously berk is normally considered permissible, whereas any utterance of this phrase snatch actually Berkeley quest was certainly maybe not. Odd. Airy-fairy a€“ Not stronger, weakened.

Basically. Ankle-biters a€“ young ones. Right. Arse-licker a€“ A sycophant. Right: a€?Get the language from my arse your obsequious fucka€?! Arsemonger a€“ A person that generate contempt. Inaccurate: a person who carries their arse or perhaps the arses of others. A male prostitute or a pimp. Chuffer a€“ a frustrating perfusion. Incorrect. A chuffer or chuff are similar to arse: a€?You alright truth be told there Esmerelda, you appear as if you’re strolling funnya€?? Daft as a bush a€“ Silly, wild. Correct. Inactive from the neck up a€“ Stupid. Correct. Gannet a€“ Greedy individual. Right. Gone to the canines a€“ spoiled, deteriorated. Correct. Ligger a€“ freeloader. Appropriate: Furthermore see a€?ponce’. Like your dog with two dicks a€“ people whore. Nearly. Mad as a bag of ferrets a€“ wild. Appropriate: Or a a€?Box of frogs’.

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