Ask for Transfer of pc Readable kind [R-]

Ask for Transfer of pc Readable kind [R-]

37 CFR 1.821 Nucleotide and/or amino acid series disclosures in patent programs.

  • (age) A copy for the «Sequence Detailing» labeled in part (c) with this section must also feel posted in computer system readable form (CRF) according to the demands of escort girl Elk Grove A§ 1.824. The pc readable type ought to be a copy of this «series Listing» and may not be maintained as a part of the patent software document. If desktop clear as a type of a unique program is usually to be the same utilizing the computer system understandable form of another application of the candidate on file at work, reference may be enabled to one other program and pc understandable type instead of processing a duplicate pc readable form into the brand-new application when the computer readable kind in the other application is agreeable with all of the criteria of your subpart. Brand new application must be followed closely by a letter creating these types of mention of the another application and desktop readable form, both of which will probably be totally identified. During the brand new application, individual must also inquire the effective use of the compliant computers readable «series Listing» that is currently on file for additional software and must declare that the paper or cd duplicate with the «Sequence detailing» for the latest application is actually the same as the pc understandable copy filed your other software.

Request Transfer of desktop Readable kind [R-]

Where computers readable form (CRF) on the sequence set of a application will be similar utilizing the CRF of another application of the candidate on file in the Office, 37 CFR 1.821(e) produces a procedure for applicant to request a transfer of the CRF from the program currently on file into the latest software in limited situation. In the place of posting a transfer demand of a previously recorded CRF, but the Office highly recommends that applicant publish a sequence listing in ASCII text format inside the new application, that may offer both since the series detailing an element of the disclosure, plus the CRF. Applicant could possibly access a duplicate of the sequence listing in ASCII text structure in another application of the candidate from applicant’s reports, public or personal PAIR via the Supplemental articles case, or from PATENTSCOPE (WIPO web site) when offered in an international software.

Very first, the application wherein the ask for a transfer are provided must have been submitted with (or add via a modification relative to 37 CFR 1.825(a)) a papers backup, two compact disk copies according to 37 CFR 1.52(e), or a PDF of a sequence list. 2nd, the CRF from the previous software should be just like the series listing included in the brand-new program therefore the ask for exchange must consist of a statement to the influence. Observe that customer may inquire move merely of a CRF that complies with 37 CFR 1.824(a)(2) – (6) and 37 CFR 1.824(b), (for example., is a compliant sequence detailing ASCII text document). Third, the prior program plus the CRF to get moved must certanly be entirely and demonstrably identified during the exchange request. Needed distinguishing suggestions contains the application form number, submitting day associated with program, and distribution go out associated with CRF that’s as moved. Keep in mind that when the transfer demand is actually submitted on or after and sequence list to get transported is at minimum 300 MB, then your move consult shall be susceptible to the mega-sequence noting fee set forth in 37 CFR 1.21(o).

Type PTO/SB/93 ( sb0093.pdf) must accustomed request an exchange of a CRF under 37 CFR 1.821(e) to facilitate control in the consult.

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