Alex enjoys the fresh zoo and you will are astonished as he heard Marty’s want to hop out and you will reside in the brand new insane

Alex enjoys the fresh zoo and you will are astonished as he heard Marty’s want to hop out and you will reside in the brand new insane


Alex contains the character much like that a celebrity because the he turned into the new star of one’s zoo within an incredibly young age.

Given that main interest of the zoo, he is checked heavily into the gifts and gives an «Alex new Lion» snow business or other gift ideas so you’re able to Marty getting their birthday. He and additionally reveals an enthusiastic infatuation with steak, no matter if later on statements you to definitely sushi preferences finest.

In the first motion picture, he was really terrified as he located his predatory characteristics and you may did their far better split up himself out-of other people to guard her or him. Despite his pride and selfishness, Alex is quite dedicated to help you his most other Zooster family hookup apps for married members, specifically Marty. Alex never loses the ability to show off and boast that he’s a star, but often some situations generate him afraid, eg when he attempts to handle the new penguins or his attempts to flirt with Gia in the circus. He or she is also determined to resolve one thing when he understands the guy spoiled him or her, such as he matches having Marty, or their just be sure to re-squeeze into the fresh new lion’s satisfaction or even to convince the newest Zoosters so you can return to this new circus and apologize to everyone.

Alex is even very energetic, he can raise morale to everyone as much as your and you may even offers a beneficial frontrunners event, especially in the third movie, as he also is able to lead a whole circus.


When Alex is actually more youthful, Zuba gave your courses during the browse and attacking but is actually upset as he (title supplied to your by the their parents ahead of dropping him) well-known in order to dancing. In one of his instructions, whenever Zuba are sidetracked to fight Makunga, Alakay is actually captured by the poachers, once the his dad made an effort to rescue him before getting decide to try in the new ear because of the one of several candidates, causing your to fall off of the truck, Alakay’s package dropped towards river and you may Zuba didn’t see, going back to chasing the fresh new candidates.

Zuba invested days selecting Alakay out from the set-aside up to the guy hit a specific day in which the guy thought he would maybe not get back as seekers had slain him. Zuba spent the past decades blaming himself towards loss of their guy.

Whenever Alex in addition to zoosters appear into the most other animals of Africa, Zuba failed to located them well. Simultaneously, Alex kept considering your just like the his face is actually some familiar, Zuba mistook Alex’s terms and conditions since problems to help you their leader leadership and you can threatened him, however, was dropped by their partner, Florrie, just who immediately recognized him because his guy. Zuba and you will Florrie recognized your from the birthmark away from their paw, for this reason finally curing their lost kid. Alex is pleased to remember that he previously moms and dads. Alex told their moms and dads he try the latest «Queen of new York:, however they interpreted him just like the most are a true King. Zuba was very happy towards coming out-of his child, the guy also put your into pride, but Makunga told you he might not area up until he enacted the newest Rite regarding Passing hullabaloo.

At night, Zuba and you may Florrie displayed Alex where he slept when he are good cub, they even advised him how he previously disappeared at that time. Zuba had been blaming himself for just what took place however, Florrie constantly reminded your it was never their blame. His parents wound-up encouraging your and you may wishing your all the best into the rite of your following day.

Regrettably, Alex missing the newest rite because the the guy believed that it actually was very a dance race and not a battle. He and his family unit members ended up being banished whenever Makunga took control. Alex are disappointed whenever their father advised him that he is actually maybe not a true lion.

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