I have a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Social Work with experience working in DC nonprofits

I have a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Social Work with experience working in DC nonprofits

I became unemployed by choice, once my husband and I realized that with impending student loan payments we could no longer afford our $2,000/month apartment in DC

We knew this was our course for months before we actually became unemployed and applied and applied and applied for any and all jobs in a large NC city, where we both grew up and decided to return to. Although we couldn’t find anything, we had family to live with and a savings account to support us for awhile, so we were optimistic about finding STILL without employment. The economic situation in my city is awful; we continue to have one of the highest (possibly THE highest?) unemployment rate in the state. I’ve applied to any job that I think I could do- no matter the pay, no hookupdate.net local hookup Tacoma WA matter if I’m not interested, no matter if it’s an hour away and isn’t worth the gas money driving to and from work. I’ve had a few interviews in the past year but they didn’t lead to anything. I don’t think it’s me (I hope it’s not!). I am educated, I dress appropriately, I make sure to smile and give firm handshakes. There have been interviews that I have ROCKED and left smiling. Yet, I can’t get a job. I attribute this to the stiff competition I’m facing. Sure, I’d be a great employee but I only graduated from grad school 4 years ago. My experience compared to others’ experience is nothing. How can I compete against the people my parent’s age, who have worked longer than I’ve been alive? I can’t.

I’ve tried unemployment groups, I’ve tried posting my resume on websites, I’ve made contact with people that a friend of a friend of a friend knows, just in the hopes of hearing about a job. Nothing. We are still living with family, which I feel terrible about. The worst part is how people view me, like I’m somehow lazy and at fault for this. I actually had a grad school classmate say that if I wanted a job, I would have one and that I obviously think I’m above doing labor, or working at a local Target. HA. Until recently, we couldn’t even afford the insurance for me to have a license to get to Target, and since I live in the ‘burbs, there is no public transportation around me to speak of. So no, I do not think I’m above certain working at a Target but it isn’t that simple! When you can’t even afford to get to the local Target, how can you be expected to snap up a job? (Not to mention, the local Target isn’t always hiring.)

My husband has lost a job since being here, and until he found a new one, I could hardly sleep from the stress of being unable to pay for what we need

My situation has improved some. I was graciously gifted a car by family, and we had saved enough for my insurance. I still haven’t found a full-time job, but I’m working as a nanny and getting paid almost double what I’d make at Target or Wal-Mart per hour. However, nothing ever feels safe. My nannying job is fine for now, but it has its own uncertainties; the family is on vacation next week and doesn’t need me. And what happens when school starts, and they don’t need me as often? So next week I have an entire week of not being paid. I basically can’t leave my house because I can’t afford the gas to get anywhere since I’m not getting paid. It sucks, and there is no other way to put it. It just sucks.

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